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How To Play Bingo

Whether you want to learn how to play Bingo, on-line or offline, the rules are pretty much the same.  Online bingo opens the game to new audiences. There are dozens of bingo and bingo-related games on the Internet, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a reasonably updated computer and internet connection you are just one click away how to play bingo123from joining in the fun.  As we said, internet bingo is very similar to that played in the bingo halls without the noise!  The main bingo card will appear as a pop – up window and this will generally hold the following information:

  • your card faces (usually three)
  • the current number and a tote board of previously called numbers
  • a list of current players
  • a “chat room” where  you can interact with other between games.  Should you wish to chat during the game, simply type into the chat box under the players online representation and  press the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard.

However there is more to online bingo than just your card. The Web sites offering bingo will also host an array of other fun things which will include bingo news, comments from past winners, special upcoming tournaments etc.

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What will it cost?

Many of the bingo games may appear to be free however do not be fooled, most will come with a price.  Obviously there is the initial cost of your internet connection.  Most bingo playing bingo is funsites will offer a deposit match; meaning that if you credit your online account with £x then they will either match or double the deposit etc.

How to Play

You’re ready to get started, however before you can play any bingo you will have to register with the site.  This entails providing a username and password, entering a valid email address and then verifying the details by clicking on a link that will be sent to you in the verification email.  Once you have completed the registration programme you are ready to start playing.

The most sensible suggestion at this point would be to look around the site and familiarise yourself with the game play and what types of games are on offer.  Most of the games are straight-line bingo or coverall.

Each player will normally get three cards per game; these will appear in a special pop-up window with the bingo prize board and a chat area. The pattern that the player needs to match may appear in the upper right corner of the bingo window if this is not the regular Online-Bingo prizesline, four corners or full card. The computer then calls numbers at random, and the player will mark or daub their card simply with the click of their mouse. Once the player’s card matches the required pattern, he or she clicks the “Bingo” button.

 There are plenty of opportunities to win big with online Bingo and some of the games will be worth upwards of £5,000.  Many of the sites will also enter their players into online draws and they will also have themed Bingo weekends where you can win credits for additional game play.  If there are one or more winners then the prize pot will be split between the players.

Is it Social?:  Like any internet based site with a chat facility if you spend long enough playing bingo games online you will start to recognize other regular users.  You will find some of the games will be filled with chat while others are eerily silent, might have bingoFriends324something to do with the amount of money at stake!  It is not a mandatory requirement to chat and if you do find yourself involved in chat with a particularly annoying character you can simply hit the “ignore” or “block” button and they are history!

There will also be the opportunity to chat privately to other individuals, this meaning that only you and that person has access to the conversation.  To do so click on the “Private Chat” button and send your confidential message to the other player.

You will probably find that you do not have an awful lot of time for socializing the numbers can be churned out as quick as you are marking them off!  However like everything once you become familiar it will become easy to keep up.  Chatting however will probably be between the games and could simply consist of a quick “well done” to the winner.

 Downsides of online Bingo:  You will inevitably find that sometimes your online bingo will not run smoothly.  This could be because the card face will not fit your screen.  You could be plagued with a terribly slow game; this will be dependant on your internet connection online bingo helpspeed, the quality of your Internet service provider.  You could find that you may get disconnected from a game because of heavy Internet traffic, or because the Web site itself is so busy that it can’t handle all the requests. Bear these things in mind and be patient! 

Bingo Tips for online gaming:  Just because you have a computer and know how to play bingo and have had success at your local bingo hall this doesn’t automatically make you an expert at online bingo.  Follow the tips below and you will be one step nearer to a successful online bingo experience.

Safety Guidelines

We are constantly being warned of internet hackers who corrupt computers and steal credit card details, however playing bingo on the Web should not pose a security risk provided that you observe some simply rules.

  • Make sure the site is legit:  Like all internet websites you will come across shady characters and sites offering you the earth, if it sounds too good the chances are it is!  There is no “Better Business Bureau” specializing in online bingo however most of the legitimate bingo sites advertise either on the television or in magazines and these would probably be the most genuine.
  • Don’t give out your password: Like any site where a password is required, pick something unique to you to protect your account try to make this obscure so that others are unable to guess it.  If you do forget this then you will have the ability to request the option of having it sent to your email address as a reminder.  Remember no one but YOU needs that password even the site itself will NEVER ask you for your password in an email request.


Online Bingo Lingo: So you are all registered and ready to play, you have found the site and found the game of bingo you wish to play, you could find the chat speak a minefield toBingo-Lingo understand!  Computer bingo players will use shorthand for a variety of common expressions as they are trying to keep up with the caller and socialize!

In order to ensure that you get the most from your online bingo experience below is a selection of the most common abbreviations you’ll see online:

  • 73 (or any other number) –  If a player just needs a certain number to win, they may simply type “73” in the chat area,  this is either to let everybody know or in the hope that it may result in the number actually appearing!
  • pls. – “Please!”  For some players close to getting a bingo on a big jackpot, they may type this. Either a simple please or pls followed by the number they require.
  • gl.- “Good luck!” Pretty self explanatory.
  • wtg.- “Way to go!”  If somebody wins an online bingo, you may see lots of wtg’s from the other players.
  • gj. -“Good job!” An alternative to “wtg.”
  • tyvm. -“Thank you very much.” Used to show gratitude to the other players that have expressed their well wishes.
  • gg.- “Good game.”  This is used by good sports to show they are genuinely pleased or simply because they have particularly enjoyed the game.
  • brb.- “Be right back.” This would be used when a player gets up for a cup of coffee, need to answer the phone, etc.
  • lol.- “Laughing out loud.” Not to be confused with Lots of Love!  As nobody can see you laugh online, players will type this to show they appreciated a joke.
  • rotfl.-“Rolling on the floor, laughing.” Used if the joke was particularly funny!

Now you are not only armed with the online vocabulary and safety tips, you are ready for a game of online bingo.  Here’s hoping that your numbers come up! Good Luck!

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