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Top 5 interesting facts about bingo

Top 5 interesting facts about bingo

If you are a die hard fun of bingo, there are lots of interesting facts about bingo that you need to know. Below here are the top five interesting facts about this game:

  1. 1.      Women and bingo

It is an absolute truth that most women as compared to men like or love to play bingo. It would be only in rare cases that you can find a woman who does not like to play bingo. Women usually love this game and often they play bingo and converse at the chat rooms.

  1. 2.      Bingo, TV and Celebrity

In the recent past, online bingo has been receiving endorsements from various top celebrities including Katie Price, Vic Reeves, Kerry Katona, Sharon Osbourne, Biggins, Top 5 interesting facts about bingoBarbara Windsor, Nikki Grahame, Jim Bowen, Christopher and Gavin Henson.

Many of ITV shows have recently attracted sponsorship deals i.e. ITV Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), Think Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), Tombola (Emmerdale), The Only Way is Essex (Wink Bingo) Foxy Bingo (Jeremy Kyle),  Cheeky Bingo (Jeremy Kyle) and ITV Daytime (Redbus Bingo)

  1. Bingo as a brain booster

Playing bingo has proved to be a good ingredient for your mind. as per the latest research at Harvard university, As people get older and older they become more agile.  Similar results also suggested that some social activities i.e. playing games like bingo are good in puts for jogging up the mind keeping it health.

  1. 4.      Bingo as part of education

In some countries like Germany, bingo is played in school as part of the education curriculum. Just like in alphabets and numbers, pictures of vegetables and flowers are used in the bingo tickets in order to guide the kids in learning this game better.

  1. 5.      Bingo as a hobby

For most bingo players, the major reason as to why they play bingo is just to get part of the game but not for gains as in other games. If you asked any bingo player out there, he or she would tell you that they play the game just for fun. This result was confirmed by various polls carried across the world.