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Top 5 interesting facts about bingo

Top 5 interesting facts about bingo

If you are a die hard fun of bingo, there are lots of interesting facts about bingo that you need to know. Below here are the top five interesting facts about this game:

  1. 1.      Women and bingo

It is an absolute truth that most women as compared to men like or love to play bingo. It would be only in rare cases that you can find a woman who does not like to play bingo. Women usually love this game and often they play bingo and converse at the chat rooms.

  1. 2.      Bingo, TV and Celebrity

In the recent past, online bingo has been receiving endorsements from various top celebrities including Katie Price, Vic Reeves, Kerry Katona, Sharon Osbourne, Biggins, Top 5 interesting facts about bingoBarbara Windsor, Nikki Grahame, Jim Bowen, Christopher and Gavin Henson.

Many of ITV shows have recently attracted sponsorship deals i.e. ITV Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), Think Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), Tombola (Emmerdale), The Only Way is Essex (Wink Bingo) Foxy Bingo (Jeremy Kyle),  Cheeky Bingo (Jeremy Kyle) and ITV Daytime (Redbus Bingo)

  1. Bingo as a brain booster

Playing bingo has proved to be a good ingredient for your mind. as per the latest research at Harvard university, As people get older and older they become more agile.  Similar results also suggested that some social activities i.e. playing games like bingo are good in puts for jogging up the mind keeping it health.

  1. 4.      Bingo as part of education

In some countries like Germany, bingo is played in school as part of the education curriculum. Just like in alphabets and numbers, pictures of vegetables and flowers are used in the bingo tickets in order to guide the kids in learning this game better.

  1. 5.      Bingo as a hobby

For most bingo players, the major reason as to why they play bingo is just to get part of the game but not for gains as in other games. If you asked any bingo player out there, he or she would tell you that they play the game just for fun. This result was confirmed by various polls carried across the world.

is bingo addictive

Is bingo addictive?

This is a question that most bingo players are currently asking. It is off course difficult to deny the fact that bingo is one of the most addictive and fun gambling games going on the internet. If you can’t believe that, then you need to look at the statistics:  the recent worldwide bingo market is estimated to be worth around 2 billion Euros and is expected to grow substantially over the next couple of years. Here are a few reasons why online bingo is so addictive.

 The easiest and most fun solution

Bingo is quite different from lots of online gambling games. Things like roulette and poker require you to make a certain deposit to a given gambling site, and then you can bet any amount of that deposit on a single game. On the other hand, bingo requires a small amount that can only increase if you buy more cards for a single game. Due to the fewer amount of cash involved, bingo is normally less stressful hence you can concentrate more is bingo addictiveon the fun of playing the game.

Social bingo

Because it involves less gambling compared to other big money games, it is possible to see your opponents as people to chat to but not as your competitors. To enhance the social aspects; most bingo sites offer additional features such as webcam bingo, that allows players to attach a webcam to a bingo chat room to show their faces, or can include the image of the caller at the bottom of the screen. This has come as the major boost to the slumping initial bingo halls in the UK. As a result, now a player can enter a room with his/her best friend from different place and still have that personal attachment. Due to this social aspect of bingo, more and more people are more likely to engage in it and thus get addicted.

Gambling responsibly

It’s a simple thing to sit and read on how addictive bingo can be; however, you always need to be aware of how much time you need to spend on playing bingo.  Despite the fact that bingo requires less amount of money to played in comparison to other gambling games, it is still a form of gambling and should therefore not be done in excess. If you are one of those who are getting a little more into it, then it would be good if you limited yourself from playing it for a while.

paypal-bingo uk


There are a few bingo sites that accept PayPal in the UK. This means that all these sites have a market for players looking for bingo sites accepting PayPal. The following are some of the sites that offer these services.

William Hill Bingo

This is one of bingo sites that accept PayPal; it offers more than 200 games with huge progressive jackpots. With players poised to earn bonuses in excess of layers £10,000, you must surely enjoy William hill bingo.

Wink Bingo

This is another great bingo site that takes PayPal and offers a whooping £15 no deposit bingo bonus for new registration. The site also features many great games and promotions. In the shortest time possible, Wink Bingo has turned out to be one of the best PayPal bingo sites online.

Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes is one of the major online bingo sites in UK that feature PayPal. They offer several great value promotions i.e. 300% deposit bonus for first £5 deposit. Ladbrokes offers great chat managers who are there to assist you in making your bingo experience livelier.

Bingo Hollywood

paypal-bingo ukHollywood Bingo site does not require credit card, they however accept PayPal.  They offer a whooping 300% match bonus that is up to £150 including 1,000 FREE star points. They have more than 75 Bingo rooms, best Bingo prizes on the internet, instant win games, 75% bonus on all your re-deposits that are over £10, slots and much more.

 Bingo Street

Bingo Street offers a special free game through which you can earn another £5 free for new players. All these benefits can be got on your first deposit.

Bingo on the Box

Bingo on the Box now accepts PayPal. Sign up into this site to get £15 for FREE, here, you do not require any deposit.


Red Bus Bingo

At Red Bus Bingo all new players can get up to 2,000% free with their 1st deposit. Here, you only need to use your either your PayPal or Ukash account and no credit card required. Please don’t miss your chance of earning daily £1,000 FREE games plus the £1M Big Ben Bonanza.

Tasty Bingo

Tasty Bingo is another great bingo site that offers PayPal services. You can get a 200% welcome bonus and grab another £10 Extra Free if you sighed up into Tasty Bingo. With PayPal services, your deposits will be obviously much is easier than ever.

facts about bingo

Some Facts About Bingo

Bingo is currently a huge game that has gained fame worldwide over the past few centuries. Over 3 million people play bingo in the UK alone. The game is generally played in bingo halls, but with the rise of Internet use over the past two decades there are now several online sites for bingo as well.

Where the game derived from is still unknown, but bingo is believed to be of Italian origin dating back to sometime in the 1500s. From there it migrated to a few different countries in Europe, around the early 1600s, including France, where it was given the name Le Lotto, and played by the French aristocracy. When the game came to Britain in was originally only targeted towards the rich; however, the desire to gamble is strong in both the rich and the poor.

The game of bingo is relatively simple: Each player gets a ticket, and each ticket has 27 spaces divided into nine columns of three. The first column contains the numbers 1-9, the second 10-19, and so on. Now, each row will contain five numbers and four blank spaces. When the game begins a caller will begin announcing randomly selected numbers, and the players will mark off the numbers they have with a type of marker called a “dabber”.

Winning the game can be accomplished in three different ways: a line, two lines, or a full facts about bingohouse. A line is met whenever the five numbers in a horizontal line have been marked off. Two lines are met whenever the five numbers on two different lines of the same ticket are marked off. Finally, a full house is met whenever all fifteen of the numbers on all three lines have been marked off. The record payout for the UK’s National Bingo Game is 1,100,00 euros.

            Since bingo is considered gambling, players in the UK must be 18 years of age or older. Although the spending rate for an average player could be around ten to twenty euros, the rise of electronic and online bingo has caused several players to pour more and more cash into this game. People can easily develop a gambling addiction from bingo, just like any other type of gambling, and the rise of electronic bingo makes it easier for them to access. Because of this the UK is now considered gambling more seriously than most other areas.

Over the past decade bingo has become increasingly popular throughout the Internet. The ease of access and the comfort of playing in one’s own home make playing online bingo incredibly attractive towards most people. There are currently over 200 bingo websites, and hundreds of millions are spent annually in online bingo; however, a relatively small percent of UK members admit to participating in it and state that they only play it in person. For the reason alone, it is believed that online bingo has potential in expanding exponentially in the next few years. The game is ever evolving to meet the demands of the new generations to come.