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The Biggest ever Bingo Wins

Bingo is a game which has been played from many years, and nowadays, it has been migrated to an online environment. It was natural that bingo would follow suit with a large amount of players preferring to sit in the comfort of their own armchairs than go out into the cold to a bingo hall. Online bingo is growing at a ferocious rate and more and more bingo winners are emerging from the corridors of cyberspace to claim their piece of the bingo prize.

We will take an example of a Jobcentre worker who has scooped £5.9 million in the world’s biggest ever online bingo, after betting just 30p on a video slot game based on a Batman film “The Dark Knight”. John Orchard, 60, of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, had only been enjoying on the “ButlersBingo” web page for several times before his outstanding win on a wheel of fortune-type of activity game.

The grandfather-of-three, who has exchanged his Renault Clio for a £40,000 Jaguar XF, is set to check out Center Parcs with family. In the past, the old world record for an online bingo jackpot was made in 2009 by ‘Georgios M’ , a 36 biggest bingo winsyear old married businessman from Greece, who won €6.3million (£5.1million) on the Riverbelle online casino.

The UK online bingo win record was formerly organized by Soraya Lowell, 38, who won £1.2million in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 2008. A few months ago, a U.S. Underwater won £1.7million on a Las vegas fruits machine. “ButlersBingo” is an internet betting website established truly in 2010, providing around 200 gambling house games.

The greatest advantage for the new gamers is that the websites provide huge reward cash in the players’ records to motivate them to stay till the end. Most customers find these promotional offers very attractive. The players gain more experience while playing the game, which improves the chances of their success. Moreover, it helps new gamers to become familiar with the interface and understand the features before they start gambling their own cash.

Biggest Lottery Jackpots:
The biggest bingo winners Award funds are not in U. S. , but it is in Spain, where this year’s Language Xmas Lotto had an Award Finance of £1.2 billion dollars and a Jackpot feature of £587 thousand. The Language Xmas lottery is producing lots of champions. Last year, 180 champions obtained around £3.25 thousand each.

The biggest individual Jackpot Champion in the world – Colin and Christine Weir of Scotland won £161.7 thousand in July 2011. They won a European Millions Jackpot and they were the only winners. So far, they have purchased a new house in the 23 acres on the borders of their own home town in Scotland, employed a cook and subsidized a local boy racing Gregor Ramsay for a career in throwing cars around the track.

On Feb 18, 2006 the biggest title jackpot of $365 million was won by eight people who worked for a meatpacking place. They chose to get their profits in money, sharing $177,270,519.67 (after taxes), as the top prize in Powerball.

All these bingo jackpot winners have one thing in common, it is that all are ordinary people playing bingo in their local community clubs and online bingo halls. A bingo player who goes by the display name “AlanCrow” ,who is a regular online bingo player, published on “” his joy of success.

It takes only a matter of your time and effort until even these big information are beat-up the ever-burgeoning online bingo market and the ever-increasing competitors for our company amongst the industry’s greatest providers.


BingoCams Review

BingoCams is the home of free online games. It is the ultimate destination for exciting bingo games and more! Take the chance to play games 24 x 7 hours! You will get a ton of online games collections to choose from. Bingo games, Casino Games, Adventure Games, card games, Puzzle games, Sports Games, Word games, Strategy games as well as more collection are available. More collections of games are on the way and you will get the latest collections soon!  Best of all is updated on a daily basis and all time you will get the latest as well as popular collections. You will get virtually endless collection of online games only at!

BingoCams: The World of Online Games

BingoCams has been giving large loyal online gaming audience. The site is all about fun 120x600peugeotand entertainment. The collection of games on this site is huge and the latest collections are also available with new games added each week. Online games are available only at to get the brain buzzing or games are available to help you unwind! Just come here and start to play your games. You will be able to play games as much as you want! BingoCams is the place where the people of all over the world come to play games.

Get Ready To Play Free Games Online is the perfect place for the players who love to play online games. If you are searching for your favorite game to play online, you will get your favorite collection only at You will be able to enjoy the free flash as well as the unity games at BingoCams. BingoCams offers a wholesale new as well as latest online gaming experience to all the devoted online gamers out there. The most popular games on are

  • Lucky Devil 75
  • Happy Hour 90 balls
  • Jumping Jackpot 500
  • 75 Balls Jackpot
  • Kingcashaict
  • Tombraider
  • ExtremeHeat and more

There is no confusion that the future of gaming only lines in the online gaming. Bingocams is proud to be the part of the online gaming and also to be the part of the future! BingoCams loves to connect people to be the part of online gaming and together with their game lovers; BingoCams wants to rock the world. Get ready to be the part of this exciting world of online games. BingoCams will take your gaming experience to a brand new level. You will be able to enjoy all of the games of Bingocams for free! You need not to have any credit cards just be the part of Bingocams to enjoy the exciting offers.

BingoCams comes with an extensive online game collection that will also keep the gamers coming back for more. All the online game categories are open for all levels of people. No120x600peugeot matter if you have not any gaming experience, join the team of online games to boost your online gaming skills! You can be one of the top gamer at BingoCams!

If you are going to explore unknown territories as well as solving puzzle games without any type of fighting involved then BingoCams will allow you to join the team to get access of the largest collections of exciting Bingo games as well as casino games. Adventure games are also available for you. The collection of the online games includes 1st person adventure, interactive movie, brain games and much more! BingoCams knows your demands and according to your demands you will get the largest online gaming collection!

The Store for Hot Online Games

Yes! BingoCams is the home of all hot and exciting games. If you want to enjoy a variety of games, then you will get all types of collections here. You will also be able to earn points or even money if you win the games! Be the JACKPOT winners and earn money! You can be one of the top earners! It is time to enjoy your hours and earn money by playing games!

Get ready to try the popular as well as challenging games. The more you will take challenge the more you will be able to earn points or even money. A number of top level gamers daily join Bingocams to play the exciting games. You can even invite your friends to play games and earn points to get the access of advanced games.

So why are you waiting for? Get ready to try one of the popular online games NOW to get the real feelings of online gaming. You will get a variety of popular categories and you can play according to your own choice. Apply your own strategy to try the games as well as to win the games! It is the time to rock the world with the power of online games. You enjoy each moment of your life and there will be no place of boredom!

The Ultimate Online Gaming Experience

It is the time to enjoy the best online games only at BingoCams! You will get the facility as well as offers beyond your expectations! You are going to get collections that you could not even think. Whatever the online games you just feel like to turn on, BingoCams comes with all those collections right now! You will get a number of options to choose from. Try best games to enjoy your time only at BingoCams!

BingoCams comes with the best collection of online games. You can even download the games for your mobile phone. Thousands of users use bangoCams each day. BingoCams is so  popular because of its gaming collections as well as exciting gaming offers.  This site is not an ordinary site. You will be able to fulfill your needs of online gaming only at Bingocams. So it is the time to enjoy your each moment with the greatest collection of Bingo as well as Casino games. Invite your friends and family and let the people know about BingoCams. Together you can rock the world with this fabulous online gaming site;


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Red Bus Bingo Review

Red Bus Bingo has been the most loved as well as trusted exiting online gaming site. The site comes with a number of exciting Bingo games and the users can enjoy the online games instantly.

Red Bus Bingo is all about pure entertainment! Exciting offers are available for the users. If you are absolutely new, even then you can get a 2000 % sign on bonus! As Red Bus Bingo provides the best entertainment services for the visitor or for the registered users, it becomes very popular among the users. Almost all the users love Red Bus Bingo!

Bingo games, casino games as well as progressive jackpot offers all are available only at Red Bus Bingo!

The List of Exiting Bingo Games

RedbusbingoRed Bus Bingo comes with a variety of bingo games. All the popular bingo games are available here. The site is trying to come with more collections. The most popular Bingo games on this site are:

  • 70 Ball Bingo
  • 90 balls Bingo
  • Progressive Bingo
  • Instant Games and
  • Guaranteed Jackpot Games

You have never played Bingo games like these before! Everyone can win bingo. Combine the bingo as well as lottery to enjoy a rocking time. Bingo games come with a new tropical twist. All the games are exciting and people of all levels will be able to enjoy the bingo games. Not only are the bingo games, several casino games also available. You can take the chance to £xxxx! Do not miss the chance. Get ready to collect your points!

The List of Exciting Casino Games

If you love to play the casino games then without any hesitation visit the greatest online gaming site only at Red Bus Bingo! A variety of casino games are available in this site.

Among all the games the most popular online casino games are the following:

  • Roulette Deluxe
  • La Partage Roulette
  • Wheel of Light
  • Single 0 Roulette and more

If you are casino games lover, then you will never want to miss the chance to enjoy the exciting games!  Very few sites come with the great opportunity to allow the online games according to your own choice. This site will allow you to enjoy the games according to your own choice! Get ready to enjoy the casino games with your family as well as with your friends!

Refer Your Friends To Enjoy The Games

Refer your friends to play together or to enjoy the team games! It is the time to ride the RedBus Bingo! Refer your friends to get the rewards. You just need to submit the details and you need to discuss with your friends about the bingo trips! The trip is a lifetime trip. It will connect all your friends together forever. The most exciting thing is that you will get up to 15,000 bonus points! Isn’t it exciting? If you want to get your bonus point, you have to invite your friends to join the team. Together you can win a lot! Get ready to invite your friends to join the team!

Red Bus Bingo Comes With Great Earning Opportunity

At Red Bus Bingo everyone can play as well as win! It is a casual gaming site. It gives money to the people! You can also take the chance to win money. Not only that if you want to playred bus bingo instant free bingo games then you will also be able to play free online bingo games. It will give you the prizes, fun as well as all the games comes with unique features that you give you the maximum entertainment!

All the members of Red Bus Bingo are just like a family. Red Bus Bingo believes in friendship and that is the reason you will get the opportunity to invite your friends. The sites always take the feedback of its users into its account and consider the opinion of the members. Red Bus Bingo always tries to fulfill the increasing demands of its members. The members of the site can also be seen in the social media sites like gaming forums, gaming blogs or even Facebook or Twitter accounts!

Red Bus Bingo comes with a fun as well as quickly variations of the most popular online games. You can play the games simply or even you can make it difficult to play like a professional! You can select the best games according to your choice from a number of popular bingo as well as casino games.

Red Bus Bing: The Ultimate Fun Stop!

Red Bus Bingo is basically the fun zone, where you will be able to enjoy your time with your online! The site comes with a fantastic array of exciting bingo as well as casino games. This site offers a lot of opportunities for the users to earn money and make points to get the top of the positions. You can choose from a wide selection of Red Bus Bingo online games to play! You will get guaranteed real CASH jackpots! You can play for prizes or even you can play for points! The more you will get points, the more you will get additional gaming facilities!

You are always WELCOME to the greatest collection of online bingo games. You will get all your favorite collections only at Red Bus Bingo! You can scroll up as well as down the list of the online games to choose from tons of collections.

Rock Up The Hours!

Rock up the hours with the exciting games collection of Red Bus Bingo! Rid Bus Bingo offers the ultimate games as well as ultimate access to the premium version of the online bingo and casino games. You can even play the games on your phone!

Online customer care service of Red Bus Bingo is always available for the customers of Red Bus Bingo. If you face any difficulties you can contact Red Bus Bingo to get an instant solution. So get ready to visit the exciting world of Online Games!

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